Magazine April 18, 2011, Issue

A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

A detailed image of the Earth (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Reuters)

This year’s “Earth Hour” came and went without much hoorah. A few cities turned off their lights downtown for 60 minutes to show how glorious the world could be if we were all kickin’ it Pyongyang-style, and people swooned. The objections are obvious: It’s symbolic. It accomplishes nothing. It flatters those who believe they are better people because they fret about carbon, compost their fair-trade coffee grounds, and lecture people who use superglue when they could use Himalayan yak spittle. (Seriously, you can find it at any co-op.) If Freud were around these days, he’d reduce their psyche to the

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To be fair, Obama is right: Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress has to declare kinetic military action.


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