Magazine May 2, 2011, Issue

How Wisconsin Was Won

(Darren Gygi)
A close call in a proxy war with the Left

Appleton, Wis.

David Prosser awoke near dawn on Sunday, April 3, stretched his 68-year-old muscles, and flipped on his cell phone. He frowned. His campaign had booked a bruising 48-hour itinerary of flying around the state in the election’s last hours. But with an unruly hailstorm fast approaching, senior adviser Brian Nemoir had nixed the twin-pistoned plan.

Nemoir, a lanky, fast-talking politico, had a nightmarish vision of the headline: “Supreme Court Justice Prosser, Others Vanish over Wisconsin.” As he reminded me, a scheduled passenger on those skip-hop flights, “No one wants to be the ‘others’ in that story.”

Prosser donned his on-the-trail

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