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President Me

Donald Trump at CPAC, February 10, 2011 (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Imagining a Trump administration

Here’s how to keep track of the top two contenders, according to a recent CNN poll, for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination: Only one of them has his own signature brand of chocolates.

Mike Huckabee, the brandless and downscale former governor of Arkansas, can’t help but feel outclassed when he compares himself with his nearest rival, the tornado of noise and hair that is Donald J. Trump.

Trump has it all: a television show, helicopters, buildings, bottled water, resorts, a clothing line, a home-furnishings collection, hotels, casinos, and, oddly, his own brand of tea. (You don’t think of Trump as a tea

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The market functions well enough to bring Walmart to its senses. Alas, for Big Government, there are no such corrective mechanisms.


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