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Nuclear Power after Fukushima

Radiation check near Fukushima Daiichi (AP/Kyodo)
It is, still, the energy of the future

Does nuclear energy have a future, in light of the events at Fukushima? Fukushima Daiichi is the six-unit nuclear-power station on the northeast coast of Japan that was hit by a powerful tsunami, preceded by one of the strongest earthquakes on record. The extent of the damage is considerable: The three reactors that were operating at the time of the earthquake were destroyed by the high-pressure steam produced by heat from radioactive decay and the explosive reaction of hydrogen inside the structures. The hydrogen was produced by chemical reactions between water and the protective, corrosion-resistant layer of zirconium alloy that …

Rod Adams — Mr. Adams blogs at Atomic Insights and produces the podcast The Atomic Show. He received his nuclear training as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy and recently retired after 29 years of service.

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