Magazine August 1, 2011, Issue

National Labor Relations Bias

(Darren Gygi)
A misguided law enables the president’s union pandering

The National Labor Relations Board has become a partisan issue of late. After trying — and failing — to destroy secret-ballot union elections via “card check” legislation, President Obama turned away from the democratic process, and toward the NLRB, as a venue for advancing Big Labor’s interests.

To date, Obama has placed three people on the NLRB. During a congressional recess, he installed Craig Becker, who’d served as a top lawyer for two of the nation’s largest unions (the Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO), as a member of the board. He selected Mark G. Pearce — who had worked

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In all fairness, he promised he’d stop the seas from rising. He didn’t say anything about the debt ceiling.


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