Magazine August 1, 2011, Issue

The View from Reagan Street

The American ambassador, the former secretary of state, and the mayor of ‘Praha 6’ (U.S. Embassy Prague)
A centennial celebration in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

‘I   never would have believed it,” people keep saying. “If you had told me, in the 1980s, that one day we would have a street named after Ronald Reagan here in Prague, I would have said you were crazy.” Prague will indeed name a street after Reagan. This year is the Reagan centennial, the late president having been born in 1911. They are commemorating him elsewhere on the Continent, too, and also over in Britain.

In Krakow, the cardinal said a special mass, in honor of the relationship between Reagan and John Paul II. In Budapest, a Reagan

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In all fairness, he promised he’d stop the seas from rising. He didn’t say anything about the debt ceiling.


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