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God and Man in the Boardroom

Swiss guards stand guard at the Vatican in Rome, June 4, 2018. (Tony Gentile/Reuters)
The Pope & the CEO: John Paul II’s Leadership Lessons to a Young Swiss Guard, by Andreas Widmer (Emmaus Road, 152 pp., $12.95)

What am I here for? What am I meant to do with my life? Of all the questions that religious believers ask, these may be the ones that baffle and irritate nonbelievers most of all.

No one is really “meant” for anything, they scoff — any more than, say, a drop of water is “meant” to be wet. Similarly, no one is put here on earth “for” anything, because — as the secularists might say — there is no “there” there to be “for” for. No one is watching our petty choices; no one follows our pathetic dramas; no one has

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Mary Eberstadt — Ms. Eberstadt has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers, including National Review, Policy Review, The Weekly Standard, Commentary, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, First Things, and the American Spectator.

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