Magazine October 17, 2011, Issue

The President of Rock

(Roman Genn)
Jon Huntsman’s lonely quest for moderate nirvana

Sandown, N.H.

In a presidential-primary race boasting not one but two stiff and plasticky multimillionaire Mormon Republican ex-governors, Jon Huntsman has hit upon an oddball strategy: He’s going to be the cool stiff and plasticky multimillionaire Mormon Republican ex-governor — the Harley-straddling, “more spiritual than religious,” Dream Theater–loving, keyboard-playing, moderate rock star of our dreams. Whose dreams, exactly? That’s an awkward question: Outlaw bikers call themselves “1 percenters,” and September’s Gallup numbers had the motorcycle-loving Governor Huntsman a 1 percenter, too — dead last in the affections of Republican primary voters, with one-thirteenth the support of atavistic Robert Taft impersonator Ron

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