Magazine October 31, 2011, Issue

Occupy Salem

(Yomiuri Shimbun/AP)
A witch hunt on Wall Street

So there were Hula Hoops, a composting station, facially pierced trustafarians eating quiche, 9/11 truthers and U.S.S. Liberty truthers, the Black Panther Party, a demand that you “define your aesthetic, gather your tribe, and actualize your vision,” speed chess, the Grey Panthers (no relation), not one person who could correctly define the term “credit-default swap” or “derivative,” a tragically droopy woman proclaiming herself “the topless paparazzo,” demands to abolish fiat currency, demands to issue fiat currency, Ron Paulistas and anti-Paulistas, tracts on “species equality” and much jawboning about the occupation’s need for less patriarchal styles of decision-making and more matriarchal …

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The Week

A bunch of obnoxious, freakish-looking people made a spectacle of themselves in downtown New York. You don’t say.


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