Magazine October 31, 2011, Issue

Heaven and Earth

(Juan Carlos/Reuters)

Experience of life: its routines; the workaday world;
home leisure, reassuring in their way, buttress
our sense of life’s rational elements, its continuity
upholding our need for a beginning, a middle, and an end,
and awareness of place along the line, holding off conflicts
that bear no resolution: the creep of illness and indifference;
the shadow of death; the forces of chaos at the unwelcome
perimeter, where we struggle mightily to keep them.
And yet, and yet, the flicker of delight across the broad
brow and heaven is full of the laughter of chaos: unexpected,
whimsical, even dangerous unto death. Such chaos, to be
viable as the sparkle of life, has …

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A bunch of obnoxious, freakish-looking people made a spectacle of themselves in downtown New York. You don’t say.


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