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Thomas at Twenty

Justices Kennedy and Thomas during testimony at a House subcommittee hearing in Washington, D.C., April 12, 2005 (Jason Reed/Reuters)
Celebrating a remarkable Supreme Court tenure

‘I  was put on the Court to interpret the Constitution, not to make stuff up.” If you can imagine those words filling the room with a deep baritone and coming from a man who is both confident in his thoughts and comfortable in his own skin, then you will have an accurate portrait of Justice Clarence Thomas. As a law clerk to Justice Thomas for a year starting in July of 2007, I was privileged to see firsthand how he has remained faithful to the Constitution despite enormous pressure to abandon his principles. Because Justice Thomas will celebrate 20 years

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A bunch of obnoxious, freakish-looking people made a spectacle of themselves in downtown New York. You don’t say.


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