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TO:  All Romney 2012 Campaign Volunteers

FROM:  Campaign Communications

RE:  Guidelines for Telephone Canvassing

Dear Volunteers:

Thanks to all for your hard work these past few weeks! We’re in the home stretch, and it’s important for all of Team Romney to pull together to cinch the nomination on Super Tuesday!

To do that, Campaign Communications has developed a few new sample scripts to follow when telephoning “Undecided Likely Voters” and “Leaning Non-Romney Voters.” Please refer to this memo often during your service on the phone banks. We’ve developed some key strategies that we’re sure will help tip the balance with those crucial voter categories.



Volunteer: “Good evening, I’m [INSERT NAME HERE] and I’m calling from the Mitt Romney for President campaign. How are you doing this evening?”

At this point, engage the voter in some polite small talk. Possible sample topics include: weather, the Oscars™, Newt Gingrich’s mental instability, and Rick Santorum’s support for various pork projects while in office. Then continue:

Volunteer: “I wonder if I might talk to you a bit about Governor Romney’s plan to restore America’s economic growth? Are you aware of Mitt’s plan to revive America’s job-creating engine?”

At this point, engage the voter in various points from the Romney ’12 Economic Strategy. Include his support for tax cuts and regulatory reductions, and his plan for reviving American manufacturing.

Volunteer: “We’d like to have your vote for Mitt Romney in the [name state here] primary. Can we count on your support?”

At this point, if the voter says “Yes,” thank him or her and politely end the conversation. Be sure to double-check the accuracy of our e-mail and telephone records, and return the completed form to the Get Out the Vote Task Force.

If the voter says “No,” please proceed according to the following protocol:

Volunteer: “I wonder if I could ask you some questions about your hesitation in supporting Governor Romney. Would you say that what’s keeping you from supporting him is his economic plan, his style of campaigning, or his experience as governor of Massachusetts?”

At this point, try to ascertain what area of Governor Romney’s candidacy is the most troublesome to the voter. Please refer to the Table of Negatives which is attached to this memo for specific strategies in addressing each possible objection.

Continue to probe each objection, offering responses from the Table of Negatives, until the voter is convinced or the telephone conversation has lasted more than 25 minutes.

At the 26-minute mark, please refer to the Stubborn Voter Protocol, which is listed below.



Volunteer: “Good evening, I’m [INSERT NAME HERE] and I’m calling from the Mitt Romney for President campaign. How are you doing this evening?”

At this point, do not engage the voter in some polite small talk. Instead, quickly identify the voter’s preference in the upcoming primary or caucus and follow the specific script.

If the voter declares for Gingrich: “Wow. Seriously? I guess I’m just . . . um, you know he has, like, no chance of winning, right? And are you really ready for swinger parties in the White House?”

If the voter declares for Santorum: “I totally understand. Rick Santorum is a great choice for a voter with certain priorities. I guess you like talking about gays and sex stuff a lot, huh?”

If the voter declares for Ron Paul, simply disconnect the call.

At this point, engage the voter as per the above sample script, utilizing the Table of Negatives to neutralize any voter objections.

When the call reaches the 26-minute mark, please initiate the Stubborn Voter Protocol.



Volunteer: “I’m sorry to hear that I haven’t persuaded you that Governor Romney has the best plan for restoring American greatness and economic growth. I’m sure you have some very good reasons for supporting another candidate, and I thank you for giving me the time and the opportunity to share with you why I’m so excited about Governor Romney’s candidacy. I know economic issues are at the forefront of every American’s mind, and I’m sure this downturn has affected you and your family in a very real way. Governor Romney is committed to undoing the damage done to our economy by the policies of the Obama administration the very first day he takes office. And yet, as a man who has been successful in business, he knows that for some Americans, January 2013 may be too late. To that end, he wonders if there’s perhaps something, some small sum, that he might offer to certain voters? As a kind of gesture of good faith?”

At this point, stop talking. And wait.

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TO:  All Romney 2012 Campaign Volunteers FROM:  Campaign Communications RE:  Guidelines for Telephone Canvassing Dear Volunteers: Thanks to all for your hard work these past few weeks! We’re in the home stretch, and it’s ...
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