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F-15 Eagles and A-10 Warthogs fly over Albertsons Stadium, Boise, Idaho, Sep 20, 2019. (Brian Losness/USA Today Sports)

The Tank Buster

Bravo to Daniel Foster for his paean to the A-10 Warthog (“Justice for Warthogs,” March 5). In World War II, I was an enlisted combat aircrewman in Marine Corps aviation. Post-war, after college and ROTC, I took an Air Force commission and went to pilot training. Whenever I discussed our dearth of ground-support aviation, I’d be laughed at and told that our mission was big-time nukes.

Then Korea came, and the Air Force was scrambling for ground support. F-51 Mustangs, unsuited to the task, did a lot of the job and suffered considerable losses. The twin-engined B-26 (earlier the A-26)

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