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The Interrupted Narrator

Andrew Breitbart, 1969‒2012 (Zuma/Newscom)
To the memory of Andrew Breitbart

It’s an unnatural act, to write an obituary for a 43-year-old man. But Andrew Breitbart, my old friend who died suddenly on March 1, was a master of the unexpected, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. He was very, very good at catching people off guard.

The first time I met Andrew Breitbart, he bounded up to me at a party to thank me for my review of his first book, Hollywood Interrupted, which I didn’t like much. The review appeared in the Wall Street Journal, and I had written, essentially, that although it was fun and fearless and a snappy

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Past The Pump

Driven by new technologies and discoveries — and by rising global demand — America’s recoverable reserves of crude oil are soaring. And U.S. oil production would be soaring, too, were ...


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Saving Sovereignty

American progressives from Woodrow Wilson and John Dewey to Barack Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have long expressed dissatisfaction with what they see as the constraints of an outmoded 18th-century ...
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Worth a Kingdom

The English don’t mind if their king has a mistress provided she is what they call “a good sort.” This can mean English, a daughter of the people, and happy-go-lucky, ...


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A War in Photos Reading John Derbyshire’s story “O Valiant Hearts” (March 5) on the significance of his father’s picture with Private David Seaton, I was reminded of a picture from ...
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The Week

‐ Newt Gingrich has a flair for the dramatic, except when the stage directions read “Exit stage right.” ‐ Many Republicans have bought the Democratic/media line that the administration’s attack on ...

Olive Garden State

The Internet has made it so easy to make fun of nice little old ladies. Kids today have no idea how much effort it used to take. In the old ...
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WHAT’S REALLY WRONG Admit it: what disturbs you isn’t flaws within the grand design, not that or this ironic fealty to effect and cause within the cosmic lottery. Dismiss the phony, brief, and adolescent shock at ...
Happy Warrior

Bringing It Home

A year or two back, I started using the city of Bangalore as an all-purpose shorthand for emerging economies. If you’ve heard me on air or in person, you’ll know ...


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