Magazine | June 11, 2012, Issue

From the Palo Alto, Calif., Craigslist


Hi! Saw you walking into Caffe del Doge with a messenger bag from Facebook. Do you work there?? So cool!! Can’t wait for the IPO next week!! Wondering if you’d like to get together. I’m the gal with the brown eyes who locked them with yours. Thought there was a spark. Was there???? Let’s get together and find out!!!


Selling futon, old bike, small sofa, and hot plate. Am participating in the Facebook IPO next week and no longer need these things as I’m trading WAY up. Let me know if any of this interests you. Will be selling them FAST.


Hi there! You: sharp, smart, dazzling gal walking into the Curves gym this afternoon. You had on workout clothes and I noticed the Facebook parking permit sticker on your car. I think you’re super hot! Me: nice guy looking for a long-term thing. And I have no idea what you’re doing at Curves, which is for women with weight trouble, and you are perfect!! Lots of you to LOVE and HOLD ONTO!! Wondering: Are you part of that whole Facebook IPO craziness that’s happening next week? (Not that I care. Just curious.) Lemme know if you want to get together for a meal or something. Would love to get to know you. PS: I bake.


Selling a 1994 Subaru Outback. Will take any offer. Participating in Facebook IPO in two days and want to get rid of a lot of stuff to make room for my new car. Hit me back.


Hey! That was me going into Caffe del Doge on University. And yes! I am a Facebook employee and totally psyched for the IPO!! Hard to concentrate, really. So cool that you thought I was hot. Don’t get that a lot from girls due to my vestigial sixth finger and backwards knee. Spend so much time coding I don’t have time for relationships. But hoping to change that once the IPO goes through. Hit me back and tell me what my T-shirt said so I know it’s you.


I think that was me you saw going into Curves. But I have to be honest. Since the Facebook IPO was announced, a lot of us Facebookers have been getting a lot of attention from gold diggers. I’m sort of shy and want to know if this is real. So just to be clear: I do work at Facebook, but I just started there. I really won’t be participating in the IPO tomorrow. Does that matter? Hit me back.


Need to buy a futon, a hot plate, a bike, a sofa, and an old Subaru. If you’re the guy who bought them from me, please understand that the IPO didn’t go as well as we all expected. I’d like to buy the stuff back.




Hello? I’m guessing you were only interested in me because of the Facebook IPO. Okay. I get that. But just so you know, I was a recent hire at Facebook, which is why I wasn’t part of the IPO. But I came there from Instagram, which they bought from me and six other people for about $1 billion. Not that it should matter, right?


Hi! I never heard back from you! I’m the guy who locked eyes with you outside Caffe del Doge. Wondering if you’re still up for coffee or whatever. You were the brown-eyed beauty. I was the guy with the Facebook messenger bag. You asked about the IPO. Well, it didn’t go as well as expected, but I made enough to take care of that sixth finger and the backwards knee. Ready to start a wonderful new relationship. Hit me back!!!


2012 Bentley Convertible. Less than six days old. Less than 40 miles. Drove it from the dealer to my place and then to my Merrill Lynch office to watch the Facebook IPO price. MUST SELL.


Hi there! Saw you going into Patsy’s Pizza on University with a Twitter messenger bag. Do you work there?? So cool!! You: fun, tall, great smile. Me: shy, loving, cuddler, looking for something long-term. Any interest in getting together for a slice and some great conversation? Any idea when Twitter is going to have an IPO?? Not that it matters. Just wondering.

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Politics & Policy

Diverse Like Me

Once, not too long ago, when I was hiring writers for a television show, a network executive called me up. “We’re really hoping you’ll keep diversity in mind when you make ...
Politics & Policy

Canadian Crackdown

A considered and empathetic opposition to same-sex marriage has nothing to do with phobia or hatred, but that doesn’t stop Christians, conservatives, and anybody else who doesn’t take the fashionable line ...
Politics & Policy

Tea-Party Prequel

The three-plus years of the Obama administration have been something of a roller coaster for the Republican party and the broader conservative movement. On one hand there was Scott Brown’s ...
Politics & Policy

Getting Irreligion

There was a time when American politicians could condemn godless heathens almost anywhere in the country and expect nothing but lusty applause. Now, however, there are large swathes of the ...


Books, Arts & Manners

Politics & Policy

Running Deep

The problem awaiting any author seeking to define introversion is that, in essence, it is about not needing, and not particularly liking, people. This is a felony in America, so ...
Politics & Policy

Tame Tyrant

During the spring television season, my wife and I became strangely fascinated by the Manhattan real-estate agent Fredrik Eklund, who is featured prominently in Million Dollar Listing: New York, one ...
City Desk

In the Know

‘You are in the seat the cardinal sat in when we had dinner here.” We were three, expecting a fourth. The fourth would be a lady, so we had already ...
Politics & Policy

The Odd Couple

Both the subtitle of Richard Aldous’s book — “The Difficult Relationship” — and its foreword proclaim it to be an exercise in historical revisionism. Justifying this, he quotes Sir Nicholas ...
Politics & Policy

The Scholar

Bernard Lewis is far and away the single most influential commentator in the English language on the Muslim world past and present. In the course of a long lifetime, he ...



To Boldly Politick

It’s one thing to read that scientists are working on teleportation devices. It’s quite another to learn they not only got one to work but beamed something 143 kilometers between ...
Politics & Policy


Time and the River Time and the river have always their place in life as the essential things never to be brought home in triumph or in sorrow; never lost as they can never be possessed; and if ...
Happy Warrior

Eutopia, Limited

As the advanced social-democratic Big Government state sinks under a multi-trillion-dollar debt avalanche, the conventional wisdom remains all too conventional, and disinclined even to mount an argument. So much “progressive” ...
Politics & Policy


A Childish Question In “The Empty Playground and the Welfare State” (May 28), Ramesh Ponnuru proposes increasing the child tax credit. Much of the argument is compelling, but I found one ...
Politics & Policy

The Week

‐ A prisoner took 40 percent of the vote in a Democratic presidential primary against Obama. We see the makings of a John Edwards comeback. ‐ President Obama has renewed his ...

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Law & the Courts

Kamala Harris’s Dreadful DA Record

In 2005, the sharp-elbowed, ambitious district attorney of San Francisco had the opportunity to correct an all-too-common prosecutorial violation of duty that the leading expert on prosecutorial misconduct found “accounts for more miscarriages of justice than any other type of malpractice.” Rather than seize ... Read More
Politics & Policy

The Case against Reparations

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on May 24, 2014. Ta-Nehisi Coates has done a public service with his essay “The Case for Reparations,” and the service he has done is to show that there is not much of a case for reparations. Mr. Coates’s beautifully written monograph is intelligent ... Read More
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In Toy Story 4, the Franchise Shows Its Age

For a film franchise, 24 years is middle-aged, bordering on elderly. Nearly a quarter-century after the first Toy Story, the fourth installment, which hits theaters later this week, feels a bit tired. If earlier films in the franchise were about loss and abandonment and saying goodbye to childhood, this one is ... Read More

The China-Iran-Border Matrix

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