Magazine July 30, 2012, Issue

Bell and Chalice

(Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)

Our Reach To Heaven
rings true to our humanity
through symbols tangible
to the mind and to the eye;
the deeper the history,
the more compelling the concept,
the stronger its grip.
The chalice bearing
the spirit of God
does so in the wine,
the blood of the Son;
simple as a drink,
yet bearing a provenance
beyond understanding,
the full flower of sacrifice
partially accepted,
partially understood,
even as fully revealed,
not because of some oblivion,
under the full light of heaven,
to which we are tending,
but because our lives
and understanding are finite,
as is the chalice, and each drop
that we may drink from it,
in our best moments, joyous and grateful,
and at other times,
still within the history of the gift
and …

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