Magazine September 10, 2012, Issue

Farewell to All That

(Jae C. Hong/AP)
There will never be another FDR

Barack Obama, who was hailed by the Left in 2008 as the second coming of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a four-term-winning liberal icon, is struggling to avoid becoming the second coming of one-term-and-done Jimmy Carter, and thereby hangs a tale. The tale is the Democrats’ endless quest for the next FDR — which began the day after the first one expired — and the moral is that this quest will always be hopeless. The fact is that Roosevelt — not the war leader and father of the Manhattan Project (who would be impeached by today’s Left as a war criminal), but

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Regime Change

Sometime in 2007, a documentary filmmaker named Lauren Greenfield insinuated herself into the lives of David and Jackie Siegel, a septuagenarian time-share tycoon and his middle-aged, much-augmented wife. At the ...


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MEMORIES OF ENGLAND So, having tackled most of Churchill’s History, Surfed the net for tickets and a book, Hopped a jet and, spellbound by the mystery Of dynasty and tomb, gulped with a look The ...
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The Iraqi Rotary Yuval Levin hit the nail on the head with “The Hollow Republic” (August 13). I was reminded of a speech I heard in 2004 by an administrator in ...
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