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A Stark Tax Contrast

Romney believes in incentives; Obama doesn’t

President Obama is correct when he says that the 2012 election represents a stark choice between two conflicting visions of economic policy. Comparing Mitt Romney’s approach to tax policy with President Obama’s, let us begin with the most obvious difference: President Obama proposes higher taxes, beginning four months from now, than Governor Romney does. If current law is not changed, all income-tax rates will increase on January 1 of next year. Governor Romney proposes to prevent all these rate increases from taking effect, while President Obama would allow the scheduled higher tax rates to bite rich taxpayers and successful small-business

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Rubio Rising

Immediately after Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination in May, we political analysts found ourselves immersed in the veepstakes. This is essentially a gussied-up form of entrail reading, and the ...
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Regime Change

Sometime in 2007, a documentary filmmaker named Lauren Greenfield insinuated herself into the lives of David and Jackie Siegel, a septuagenarian time-share tycoon and his middle-aged, much-augmented wife. At the ...
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People are not the only immigrants in the world. The age of discovery began a transatlantic exchange of animals, plants, and germs. Most of us know about the devastating effects ...


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The Iraqi Rotary Yuval Levin hit the nail on the head with “The Hollow Republic” (August 13). I was reminded of a speech I heard in 2004 by an administrator in ...
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The Week

‐ When Harry Reid said the candidate was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” who knew he was talking about Biden? ‐ You want to ...
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MEMORIES OF ENGLAND So, having tackled most of Churchill’s History, Surfed the net for tickets and a book, Hopped a jet and, spellbound by the mystery Of dynasty and tomb, gulped with a look The ...


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