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Freedom from Government Education . . .

I just read Kevin D. Williamson’s article on homeschoolers, “The Last Radicals” (October 15), and thought it perfectly articulated the way I feel about what I do. I am the mother of six beautiful children, and I knew after I gave birth to my eldest that I could not bear to turn her over to the public schools. I have been home-educating my children for 17 years, and my oldest two are now in college.

There are many reasons why my husband and I have chosen this path for our family — not the least of which is his military career, which requires us to move every few years — but certainly one of them is that too much of what we do is controlled and dictated by our overbearing government. When it comes to the well-being and education of our children, we wish to be fully in control.

 No matter how well-meaning the bureaucrats, they will never care as much about the welfare of my children as I do. I have all the incentive in the world to see that my children excel. The incentives of public-school employees are all too evident in the results they produce.

Ann Hardt

Dayton, Ohio

. . . and from Government Health Care

Kevin D. Williamson well summarizes the current state of the American homeschooling movement. As a product of that movement (I graduated from high school at home in 1997), I agree that it offers Americans a real opportunity to declare that we don’t need the government to run our lives for us.

He mentions the potential for a similar movement in health care, and I call readers’ attention to Samaritan Ministries and similar health-care-sharing groups. Members of these voluntary organizations pay millions of dollars in medical bills every month without insurance companies and without government subsidy.

John Notgrass

Via e-mail

Hardly a Hog

In The Week (October 15), you note that American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has managed to weather the current economic storm without government assistance. Perhaps it would have been appropriate to publish a photograph of an actual Harley-Davidson rather than the picture you selected, which is of a Japanese competitor’s imitation of Harley-Davidson’s iconic design.

James E. McNally

Chicago, Ill.

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Freedom from Government Education . . . I just read Kevin D. Williamson’s article on homeschoolers, “The Last Radicals” (October 15), and thought it perfectly articulated the way I feel about ...
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