Magazine March 11, 2013, Issue

Counsels of Prudence

Coolidge, by Amity Shlaes (Harper, 576 pp., $35)

Perhaps the last time Americans heard of Calvin Coolidge was when Ronald Reagan hung a portrait of him in the White House. As Amity Shlaes points out in her excellent new biography of our 30th president, Coolidge was a “rare kind of hero: a minimalist president, an economic general of budgeting and tax cuts.” Coolidge may have been a hero to Ronald Reagan, but liberal historians have viewed Coolidge, along with Harding and Hoover, as closer to a villain.

Born in the rural hamlet of Plymouth Notch, Vt., in 1872, Coolidge did not look like a future leader of men. The

Allis Radosh is an independent historian. She is working with her husband, Ronald Radosh, on a book about the presidency of Warren G. Harding.

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