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The Devil in Miss Blue Devil

One January day, an 18-year-old girl in her first year at Duke University checked Facebook to discover that more than 200 new friend requests had come in overnight, mostly from boys of about her age. “I was a bit flattered,” she later recalled. “Maybe I actually am pretty and nice and not awkward, I thought.”

Maybe. Maybe a secret conference regarding her niceness had just concluded in her favor. Or maybe Duke’s young bucks merely thought it would be funny to be Facebook friends with a porn star.

Between a Friday evening, when a boy who spotted her porn videos told of

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Following a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin about Ukraine and Crimea, German chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to have said that he is living in another world. That sounds ...


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Welcome, Gentry

A short while ago, Spike Lee, the celebrated African-American filmmaker, gave a wide-ranging lecture at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. Among other things, he discussed the ongoing transformation of Brooklyn neighborhoods such ...

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RoboArt Being a little behind in my reading, I just finished Kevin D. Williamson’s great article on public art (“Vandals and Scandals”) in the February 24 issue. I would like to ...
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The Week

‐ We have too much rspect for the office to take the easy shot. ‐ Republican David Jolly’s victory over Democrat Alex Sink in the special election to fill Florida-13, the ...
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SNOW DROPS First useless spears against the humus’s black backdrop, then collapse to heads hung down in puny lampshade petals: collapse without bud-burst. Autochthonous, unsown, their whited time condensed, they bell in clusters. No tongue claps and will not stop. The freak wind blusters. Down ...


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