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Scenes from a Marriage

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in The Americans (DreamWorks Television)
The Americans discovers an ongoing Cold War

The best modern film about American politics is Oliver Stone’s Nixon, the merits of which can be appreciated only once you have divested yourself of any suspicion that it has anything more to do with the life and career of Richard Milhous Nixon than Antony and Cleopatra has to do with the biographies of its eponymous heroes. The Americans, an FX espionage drama now in its second season, treats the Cold War the way Shakespeare treated Plutarch — a rich source of character and incident used as scaffolding to tell stories that are really about something else.

The Americans is a

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Maneuver Warfare

It was February of 1991, and six weeks of brutal aerial bombardment were still no match for Saddam Hussein’s hubris. His continued refusal to evacuate Kuwait had triggered a coalition ...

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The Lawless

Just a few months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry was praising “our Russian partners” for their role in making possible a second “Geneva peace conference” on Syria. Having spent ...


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Tax Talk I fail to understand why National Review deems a proposal to eliminate the federal tax exemption for state and local taxes paid a “welcome” reform (The Week, March 24). ...
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The Week

‐ The get-together between President Obama and Pope Francis was a meeting of giants: One is held by his flock to be infallible, the other merely the Vicar of Christ. ‐ ...
The Long View

From the MSNBC Archives . . .

April 19, 1886: “President Cleveland a ‘Father’ to Many” President Grover Cleveland took the extraordinarily brave and forthright step today of acknowledging his son. A lifelong Democrat, President Cleveland, as of ...

Too Darn Hot

The International Court of Justice, which would get more respect if they appended “and Pancakes” to its name, has asked Japan to stop whaling. Japan has agreed, which must have ...
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TO AN EARLY BIRD, MID JUNE To-we, to-woo, to-woe! Must you sing so early, bird?  Can these announcements wait until a better time: say, half-past eight? You don’t think this cacophony will bring a friend ...


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