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Nobody @#$%&*! Loves Science

The method, the memes, and the ideological crutch

In 2013, an obscure Christian school, the Blue Ridge Academy of Greenville, S.C., administered a test to its fourth-grade students titled “Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel.” The test was derived from a creationist curriculum developed by Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis, which operates the Creation Museum, and it was more or less what you would expect: Young Earth horsepucky denying that the world is billions of years old and that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, maintaining that Homo sap. and T. rex walked the Earth contemporaneously, helpfully answering the vexatious question of on which day the Almighty created the

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Paying Their Way

In the wake of House majority leader Eric Cantor’s political defenestration at the hands of GOP primary voters, we’ve been told comprehensive immigration reform is dead. Before it rises from ...


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Protecting The Republic

This is a serious book about a serious subject: the abuse of constitutional authority by President Obama and whether he merits impeachment for it. Some, undoubtedly, will try to dismiss ...
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Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong: So goes Murphy’s Law. And so demonstrates another Murphy, Lafayette College professor Bruce Allen Murphy, in his new biography of Supreme Court ...
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Into the Past

Ida, a small black-and-white masterpiece currently getting its American release, is set in Poland in the 1960s, and it feels as if it could have been filmed in the ’60s ...


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Pollard’s Punishment I have been reading National Review since I was a teenager and mostly respect and admire your writers and appreciate your professionalism. However, the short paragraph about Jonathan Pollard ...
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The Week

‐ Funny, the IRS never seems to lose track of us. ‐ Almost as stunning as the defeat of House majority leader Eric Cantor are the lengths some people have gone ...
The Long View

Begin GChat 0754

ITDept: Hi, this is the IT department at the IRS. Thank you for using GChat for your support session. How can we help you? LLerner: This is Lois Lerner. Wondering about ...
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MY WRECK Somewhere Hopkins refers to his great long Ode as my wreck, as possessive as a salvager Tossing sand dunes for rubble the day after. And somewhere a critic says Hopkins thought Volpone a ...


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