Magazine August 11, 2014, Issue

‘The Old West in Your Mind’

(AP Photo/Orange County Register, Jebb Harris)
Guns and getup at End of Trail

Edgewood, N.M. — Down in the valley, the festivities are well under way. Main Street teems with men, women, and children — some dressed in buckskins; others in leather waistcoats, chaps, spurs, and bandanas; yet more in the gaudy, ersatz dress of the 1960s B-western. Everyone is in hats and boots, with revolvers on most hips. A trio of steers amble past, and, for a brief moment, everybody stares.

Here, the stores have evocative names. The main drag boasts the Copper Queen Hotel, SASS Mercantile, River Crossing Leather, Long Hunter Shooting Supply, and Texas Jack’s Wild West Outfitter. Cimarron Firearms has

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