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Twin Cities Terrorists

Worshipers attend evening prayers during an open house at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center in Minneapolis. (AP/Craig Lassig)
A community reacts to its jihadi sons and daughters

Minneapolis — “Are you a spy?”

Yusuf laughs as he says it, but the question is not unthinkable. I am, after all, likely the only person of pallor within a square half mile, and definitely the only one perusing the goods on offer in the Somali market at the corner of E. 24th St. and 10th Ave. S. — prayer rugs, pastel hijabs, and discount travel packages to Mecca, on sale to Minneapolis’s approximately 30,000 Somalis. The proprietors who eye me quizzically agree: I am not their target market.

When exactly their target market might arrive, though, is a mystery. Dozens of

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America needs a good history of the Republican party; unfortunately, this isn’t it. A good history would, for example, look to explain the amazing reemergence of the GOP from World War ...


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Heroic Drudgery Regarding the otherwise excellent article by Charles C. W. Cooke in the September 8 issue (“A Gruesome Drudgery”), I must take exception in one matter. Cooke asserts that in ...
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The Week

‐ The Secret Service let a crazy man be alone with President Obama for an hour. Luckily Tom Friedman isn’t due for another interview for a while. ‐ Leon Panetta’s memoir, ...

Keep Calm and Conspire On

‘UFO Refuels in Jet Chemtrail over Amsterdam,” said the headline on the website. Given the location, you could translate that as “Pothead Sees Things in the Sky, and, Whoa, Man,” ...


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