Magazine | November 17, 2014, Issue


TO: New-Business Teams, Both Dem and Rep

FROM: Media Team

RE: Signing up new clients for Campaign Cycle 2016

Hi all . . .

As we all digest the midterm results, we’ve got to be thinking ahead. Our competition in the political-consultant market is going to be aggressive in the next few months, signing up new clients for the 2016 cycle, and we need to be ahead of the curve when we approach candidates for any office to provide comprehensive media and consulting services to them.

In the past, we’ve spent a lot of time honing separate messages for clients in each party, but in reviewing the midterm results and looking ahead to delta-making issues in the next 24 months, we’ve decided to focus on three core “party-neutral” messages that work for any candidate of any party. The current mood and concerns of the electorate are really allowing us to be efficient and keep costs down.

Please note: BEFORE you share these concepts with a potential client, make SURE you replace the unspecified information in brackets with the Target Client’s ACTUAL name and/or SPECIFIC detail. In past pitches, we’ve forgotten to do this and it’s then been hard during the fee-negotiation period to claim that each client is getting the “Bespoke Campaign Guidance Experience™” that we promise.

Three Core Spots for 2016:


Spot #1: “Non-Symptomatic”

Music Up: Urgent, dissonant piano, in the flavor of The Exorcist.

Fade In: Grainy shots of African Ebola victims, helicopters from the Red Cross, fast cuts of New York City quarantine locations, PAN ACROSS: Yellow “Quarantine” tape.

Voice Over: (Concerned Older Female Voice) “When the deadly virus Ebola struck our shores, [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] was immediately concerned. [HE OR SHE] took immediate action to safeguard the community, comfort the afflicted, and take care of the children.”

Picture Cuts To: Shots of [OPPONENT] shaking hands with crowds, making physical contact with people. INTERCUT WITH: Shots of [OPPONENT] sneezing, wiping nose, coughing, clearing throat, etc. Note: Tell prospective client we will begin collecting this kind of video on [OPPONENT] after the first wire transfer.

Voice Over: “But [OPPONENT] hasn’t been looking well for the past ten days. There have been coughing and sneezing incidents. Questions about a fever scenario. And the whole time [HE OR SHE] has been out in the world, possibly infecting others. We don’t need a politician to infect us with Ebola. We need a leader with real solutions to middle-class concerns.”

Picture Cuts To: Shots of [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] in robust health doing physical activities, standing next to a doctor in a lab coat, shaking hands.

Voice Over: “[PROSPECTIVE CLIENT]. Proven leadership. Bold new ideas. Asymptomatic for 16 consecutive days.”

Freeze On: Split screen: [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] doing [POPULAR LOCAL SPORT]. [OPPONENT] wiping forehead, looking feverish.

Fade Out.


Spot #2: “Ready and Entitled”

Music Up: Silly, carnival-type music.

Fade In: Fast-motion shots of [OPPONENT] on the trail. Note: Will cut in any small physical errors — a stumble or a slip-up or anything physically awkward — after receiving the first wire transfer.

Voice Over: (Bemused Male Voice) “What do we really know about [OPPONENT]? Why did [HE OR SHE] even decide to get into the race?”

Cut To: Shots of [OPPONENT] and family.

Voice Over: “Did you know that [OPPONENT] has never been related to anyone who has ever held elective office? That’s right! No brother in the White House. No cousin in the Senate. No elected relatives in any major office. And now [OPPONENT] thinks [HE OR SHE] is qualified for [NAME OF OFFICE]?”

Cut To: [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] surrounded by powerful relatives. Montage: shaking hands with [FATHER/HUSBAND/BROTHER/

COUSIN] in [SENATE/WHITE HOUSE/HOLLYWOOD VENUE]; childhood snapshots with powerful relative nearby; etc.

Voice Over: “Sorry, [OPPONENT]. You’re just not qualified to hold elective office. [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] has been prepared and trained for this since birth. [HE OR SHE] is ready and entitled.”

Fade Out.


Spot #3: “Never Heard of Him”

Music Up: Patriotic fanfare.

Fade In: Classic campaign footage: smiling crowds, cheering, thumbs-up, trains, bus rides, [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] relating in a palpable way with statistically diverse Americans who appear to have a household income of roughly $42,000–$187,000. Note: This basic footage is available in our media library.

Voice Over: (Alternating Young Male and Young Female Voices) “There’s a new spirit in America. A new feeling. The future is looking better. Brighter. We’re looking ahead, not looking behind. Yesterday is the past. We’re focused on tomorrow. Your tomorrow. Your family’s tomorrow.”

Cut To: Images of Obama-

administration events, Rose Garden ceremonies, Obama campaign rallies. CAMERA PANS across these photos.

Voice Over: ([PROSPECTIVE CLIENT]) “Looking for me in these photos? I’m not there. I really didn’t know the gentleman. It wasn’t like, a thing or anything. It’s just that we happened never to be in the same room. Never even had a conversation.”

Cut To: [PROSPECTIVE CLIENT] walking purposefully along.

Prospective Client: (to camera) “I don’t even recall if I voted for him. Let’s just say, I didn’t, okay? Don’t know him, didn’t vote for him.”

Fade Out.

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TO: New-Business Teams, Both Dem and Rep FROM: Media Team RE: Signing up new clients for Campaign Cycle 2016 Hi all . . . As we all digest the midterm results, we’ve got to ...
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