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Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer

(Roman Genn)
A chance to meet voters where they are

In the 1950s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower dismayed conservatives by announcing his intention to accept, more or less whole hog, the New Deal. The Right, led by this magazine, lined up against him, and finally won the day in 1980 with the nomination and election of . . . a self-described New Deal Democrat, Ronald Reagan, an FDR man who famously proclaimed that he hadn’t left the Democratic party but the party had left him, by making common cause with New Left radicals, hippies, peaceniks, freakniks, closeted and not-so-closeted reds, blame-America-firsters, and the rest of the rogues’ gallery that ascended

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The IQ Cult

Running for president in 1952, Democrat Adlai Stevenson had, so goes the lore, one of the wittier ripostes in modern American political history: “You will have the vote of every ...
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Branded by Google

In September, the Washington Post received an unusual request: Would it remove a music review from the Internet? The request came from Dejan Lazić, a Croatian-born pianist. Not hearing from ...


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Crony Consumerism

Everyone loves to hate crony capitalism. But crony consumerism, its evil twin, is just as dangerous, yet is barely known.   In the wake of the Great Society’s efforts to mandate ...

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Remember the Alamo In his piece “Forget the Alamo” (October 20), Henry Olsen discredits the fierce battle of 1836, contending that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is overly enamored of a ...
The Week

The Week

‐ It is our fond hope that Democrats win another landslide among non-voters next time. ‐ Comparisons are odious. But on a night of GOP wins, pride of place belonged to ...
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TO: FROM: SUBJ: Mega apologies Dear Sir: I’m taking the liberty of writing to you at your private e-mail address, the one you give out to close and dear friends. I just ...

One Small Outrage

If you haven’t heard the news by now, the European Space Agency landed a probe on a comet, and that was cause for hoorahs for about three minutes. Unfortunately one ...
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ANGELICO’S CRUCIFIXION Tempera and gold on wood, circa 1445 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue Here is faith’s erotic life, Prayer’s unfallen touch, whose brushstrokes hold Strange virtues even now to halt And hush our ...


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