Magazine January 26, 2015, Issue

Married to the Mob

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in A Most Violent Year (Before the Door Pictures)

The pattern of this Christmas season at the movies, at least in the prestige releases that I caught, seemed to be “films that aren’t quite as good as their leading male performer.” This was true of Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, in which a beefed-up Bradley Cooper inhabited a legendary Iraq War marksman so effectively that you could almost forgive the movie’s reliance on war-movie cliché and rote homefront melodrama. It was also true to some extent of Ava DuVernay’s Selma, a very solid, somewhat overpraised civil-rights drama elevated above its conventionality by David Oyelowo’s richly magnetic turn as Martin Luther

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What Would Reagan Say?

After narrowly losing the Republican presidential nomination in 1976, Ronald Reagan immediately resumed his newspaper column and radio commentaries. He continued them well into 1979. He used those venues to ...


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On the Right Track

Miami, like many cities in America, was created by a railroad. Standard Oil founder Henry Flagler cobbled together several existing railroads to make the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway in ...

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No ‘Mao Moment’

There’s a longstanding myth among leftist Cold War revisionists that America missed a big chance in July 1944, when eight American diplomats, soldiers, and OSS agents — the “Dixie Mission” ...
Country Life

Closing Time

Farmers and their farm stands are the most obvious candidates for closing. Months ago the first frosts ended most growing, but there was still produce to be sold. Apples and ...



The Floppy-Disk Technocracy

Last August the White House announced a new initiative to improve the federal government’s technological infrastructure. You might think this means upgrading all the high-tech computer rooms with 4K monitors ...
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TO MY HIKING PARTNER Your pack looks like the one John Denver wore when he was getting Rocky Mountain high. The frame is bent, the straps can’t take much more. Your jeans and flannel ...
Happy Warrior

The Grievance Game

Before Christmas break, law-school students at Harvard, Columbia, and other prestigious institutions insisted that they should be allowed to postpone their exams. Outrage over the Eric Garner and Michael Brown ...
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Against a LARC I am writing in regard to Robert VerBruggen’s article, “On a LARC,” in the December 31, 2014, issue of National Review. I would like to thank Mr. VerBruggen for ...


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