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Agnostic about Gnostics

Eddie Redmayne as Balem Abrasax (Warner Bros. Pictures)

In certain ways, the Wachowski siblings — formerly the Wachowski brothers, before the elder’s sex-change operation — resemble George Lucas and Peter Jackson, in the sense of being creators who were responsible for a signal work of pop fantasy, but whose subsequent filmmaking seems designed to poison our enjoyment of the thing that made them famous in the first place. With The Matrix, now more than 15 years old, the then-frères created an unsettling techno-gnostic fable encased in an action-movie shell, used their actors and special-effect innovations perfectly (and no, I’m not sure which category Keanu fell into), and deserved

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B.S. Degrees

Exhibit A in the category “Questions Nobody Is Asking”: Does Howard Dean believe that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is qualified to be president? “Qualification” has two related but distinct senses: The ...
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Can Israel Survive?

Jerusalem — In the weeks since the Charlie Hebdo and kosher-supermarket massacres in Paris, thousands of French Jews have contacted Israeli authorities to begin the process of aliyah, the “ascent” ...


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Reform the Clean Air Act

Once every eight years comes a day perfect for hiding the most unpopular and ill-advised policy decisions. It arrives right after a second-term president’s midterm elections, when he will never ...

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Foucault among the Buckleyites I was delighted to see Daniel Foster quoting Michel Foucault in your pages. Despite his reputation as being the typical French intellectual who is chic, impenetrable, and ...
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The Week

‐ Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she was not 100 percent sober during the State of the Union address. That’s okay, Madam Justice: We’re not sure the president was, either. ‐ President ...
Happy Warrior

The Darwinian Tradition

I’ve always been interested in the application of Darwinian and ersatz-Darwinian thinking to areas outside biology proper, and back when I was merely a future grad-school dropout, I spent a ...


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Evicting the Constitution

Evicting the Constitution

Biden decided it’s easier to take the politically expedient path, even one that exceeds legal authority, rather than undertake the tough work of governing.