Magazine June 22, 2015, Issue

The Pursuit of Virtue

The Road to Character, by David Brooks

The author of this book kicks off with the ostentatious claim that “I wrote it, to be honest, to save my own soul.” I merely read it, so I don’t know how this repetitious, over-explained, quotation-stuffed cri de coeur affected my soul, but I do know what plowing through it did to my corporeal self. According to my tombstone, “Now she belongs to the pages.”

David Brooks is a leading member of the punditry who writes a column for the New York Times, teaches at Yale, has published several successful books, and is a regular guest on public radio’s All Things

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Work-Visa Wisdom

To understand the future of the immigration debate, one must first understand the H-1B visa program. Though not very well known among ordinary Americans, the program, first established in 1990, ...


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Indefensible Defense

Continual warfare in the Middle East, a nuclear Iran, electromagnetic-pulse weapons, emerging pathogens, and terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction variously threaten the United States, some with catastrophe on a ...

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A Rousing Return

There are few stranger curricula vitae in the movie business than the one compiled by the Australian director George Miller. In the late Seventies and Eighties, he was the auteur ...


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Carry On? Jerry Hendrix is not the first to disparage the Navy’s and the Congress’s decision to continue building and improving the large aircraft carrier. Critics have disparaged this decision all ...
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The Week

‐ The Clintons have created a shell corporation that exists solely to advance their interests and shield them from accountability. It’s called the Democratic party. ‐ Fox News, which will host ...

Tax Tech

You’ve heard the promise of nanotechnology: Soon tiny machines will repair organs, fight disease, swarm into enemy facilities to disable electronic devices, or even build self-replicating machines on Mars to ...
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THURBER’S VETERANS They brooded on the porches of Columbus Forty years after ’61, when they went South, crossed the Ohio, battled the rebels And returned. By 1900 there were Still dozens of them left in ...


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