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From the Twitter feed of @donaldjtrump­potus

The USA turnaround starts tomorrow as soon as I take the oath of office and attend to a few personal duties such as negotiating a deal for a Tanger Outlet mall. My business is USA’s business as I said many times during the campaign.

I keep forgetting that I have a son named Eric. Need to remember that. Help me out, tweeps!

Have decided it’s more of an ultra premium experience for me to chopper onto the podium for the swearing in etc. Walking and the limo thing is everything that’s wrong with America. Chopper, whoosh, swear in, speech, whoosh, chopper. #makeamericagreatagain

I’d like to thank the literally millions of people who witnessed my amazing inauguration in person and also the billions of viewers who made it the number one show this week in prime time.

Have just turned in the manuscript to my new book “The Trump Turnaround” chronicling my turnaround miracle of the USA country and economy which will take place in the next few years. Pre order on Amazon now!

Here’s the thing: if the Chinese continue to devalue their currency which is the sole reason they’re currently on top from an economic basis then we have no choice but to

Sorry! Last tweet got cut off!

Air Force One needs to be taken to a whole nother level. We are going to make America great again, starting with leather seats and better fixtures. #makeamericagreatagain

Let me tell you something. People say, Mr. Trump are you really going to build a wall between us and Mexico? And I say, I am not a dummy. I am not going to build a wall. I am going to license a wall.

To the haters and the losers and the dummies who thought I wouldn’t make it here, enjoy this pic of me in the Oval Office. Warning: NSFW twitpic/456hs/90oi

Hey @helenmirren, I know you’re married etc. but I think you’d be a sexy and superb first lady. Let me know if there’s interest on your side. I’ll handle @melaniatrump. #make­americagreatagain

First call I got as president? From Bill Clinton. Classy guy. Problems at home, of course, but a classy move on his part to call me up and offer his help. Can’t have been an easy few months for him since November.

You know what the first thing is that you notice when you walk into the White House from the basis of being a resident? Tacky, old, smelly. Need some pizazz. Job one.

Here’s the thing: if the Chinese continue to devalue their currency which is the sole reason they’re currently on top from an economic basis then we have no choice but to

Sorry! Last tweet got cut off!

Getting totally unacceptable pushback from the usual places about my idea to replace current old White House staff with runners-up in the Miss USA pageants, of which I am the sole owner via an LLC.

@vladimirputin my net worth is considerably larger than yours and so therefore I think it imperative upon you to make the first move in terms of communication with me. This tweet doesn’t count.

I have directed my attorneys at the Trump Organization to register copyright and trade dress claims for Trump Isis. Next will sue Isis org wherever they are for intellectual property infringement. THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS!

I thought @kanyewest did a superb job with the invocation at the inaugural and I don’t understand all the fuss about the topless lady. This is America. THIS IS AMERICA!

Because I understand the concept of luxury style apartment townhome living, it’s easy for me to see how the entire second floor of this residence could be upgraded and optimized.

I don’t want to get into a whole constitutional thing but not crazy about the hygienic cleanliness of many senators and congress people. Lots of handshaking and touching which is maybe the reason the country is in such a mess. #purell #ebola #makeamericagreatagain

Negotiating with Isis is a piece of cake. Have traded licensing rights for parts of Iraq and Syria. #winwin #makeamericagreatagain

The USA turnaround hits full speed starting tomorrow just as soon as I get back from my book launch party at an exclusive high net worth event at Trump International Hotel.

Here’s the thing: if the Chinese continue to devalue their currency which is the sole reason they’re currently on top from an economic basis then we have no choice but to

Sorry! Last tweet got cut off! #makeamericagreatagain

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From the Twitter feed of @donaldjtrump­potus The USA turnaround starts tomorrow as soon as I take the oath of office and attend to a few personal duties such as negotiating a ...
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