Magazine September 7, 2015, Issue

Poor Powerless Washington

Many of you looked the other way when Donald Trump accused illegal Mexican immigrants of being rapists and murderers, because you’ve had it up to here with those do-nothings in Washington. When he demeaned John McCain’s military service — only losers get captured, of course — many of you shrugged because a Trump candidacy means always telling it like it is. And when he insinuated that cable-news favorite Megyn Kelly is some sort of “bimbo,” you let it slide because there’s already far too much political correctness in America.

We get it. You’re angry. Surely, though, even the most frustrated voter

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Found Wanting

In a country in which fewer and fewer people serve in an ever-shrinking all-volunteer military, it can be difficult to make a comprehensive case to the civilian public about the ...
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Cruising Speed

It’s striking that the five Mission: Impossible films, made across two decades in an ever-changing Hollywood, have all starred Tom Cruise. Even in this age of franchises and costumed stars, ...


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Is Puerto Rico Back from the Brink? Writing in the Week (July 20), National Review’s editors incorrectly characterize Puerto Rico governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. Their unfair portrayal of his efforts to ...
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The Week

‐ Hillary has been wearing orange pantsuits. Someone’s been planning ahead. ‐ In a speech at American University defending his Iran deal, President Obama accused its Republican opponents of making “common ...
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ORPHAN What was I looking for in that room Crowded with old books, shelves so full, It seemed they could not hold another title, Except where in places a weary volume Leaned upon its neighbor’s ...


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