Magazine November 19, 2015, Issue

Conservatism at a Crossroads

(Julia from “The Life of Julia”; Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie: NBC)

It is the best and the worst of times for conservatives. Those who believe in fiscal responsibility, smaller government, individual freedom, strong defense, and reverence for Western traditions and American customs have won back both houses of Congress. Republicans enjoy strong majorities of the state legislatures and governorships. President Obama’s approval ratings in the polls regularly fall below 45 percent. The public seems to tire of politically correct demagoguery, the dumbing down of every issue into a matter of the noble people versus the selfish individual.

Most polls suggest that far more Americans see themselves as conservative than as liberal. Red

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The Apology Policy

President Barack Obama strutted into the Oval Office utterly convinced of his moral rectitude. Unlike his predecessors, Obama would make policy based on an exquisitely calibrated conscience, sensitivity to constitutional ...
Politics & Policy

Climate Coercion

Predicting catastrophe is a lucrative business. By doing so, the big environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Sierra Club, have grown ...
Politics & Policy

The Twitter Trap

Stop me if you’ve heard this story: A die-hard progressive living in a liberal enclave (usually when this story is told, it’s about the late New Yorker film critic Pauline ...
Politics & Policy

Fusionism, Then and Now

‘Who lost the libertarians?” It’s a question you hear a lot from conservatives of late. The reason should be obvious to anyone who has followed the conservative movement’s internecine intellectual ...

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Sixty years ago, WFB said of this brand-new journal that it “stands athwart history, yelling Stop” — in the spirit not of a bearded zealot carrying a hand-lettered sign, but ...


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