Magazine April 11, 2016, Issue

The Trump Trainwreck

Given that there appear to be about 17 Buckleyite conservatives left in the smoldering ruin of the Republican party presided over by Herr Trump, let’s pause and take a moment to reflect on how impressive it was that we happy few managed to get so many of them to vote with us for so long.

Forty-odd years of marshaling these millions of Trump voters to the causes of lower taxes, freer markets, and strong global leadership? That’s nothing to sneeze at, people. Let us recall our modest policy victories fondly as the Trump goon squads level their T-shirt cannons at us

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‐ Bernie Sanders’s campaign is fading, leaving his supporters red, white, and blue. ‐ It is neither a surprise nor an accident that the latest major Islamist terrorist attack to befall ...
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FINAL BULLETIN The 2016 National Review Post-Election Cruise, Official Program Thanks for signing up for the 2016 National Review Post-Election Cruise aboard Holland America’s luxurious cruise ship MS Nieuw Amsterdam. We will be ...
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WOMAN AT A MOTEL WINDOW Frost from her breath on glass, Thin arteries made dark By a slow finger’s pass, Are the hand’s speech, and mark As something to be said Her waiting emptiness. She writes; behind ...
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Bush Appreciated Thanks to Jay Nordlinger for his “43 and His Theme: A Visit with George W. Bush” (March 14). It’s a shame that Bush didn’t do more, rhetorically, to defend ...


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