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A law-enforcement official breaks open casks of illicit alcohol under Prohibition. (Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis)
The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State, by Lisa McGirr (Norton, 330 pp., $27.95)

A decade or two ago, it seemed that every journalistic discussion of British rock music had to mention Margaret Thatcher. If the song or band in question was from the late 1970s, it reflected “the shadow of impending Thatcherism”; if from the 1980s, it was either “a typical product of Thatcher-era complacency” or “a spirited riposte to the Thatcher regime”; if from the early 1990s, it embodied the “post-Thatcher hangover.” As a friend once pointed out, “not only did Thatcher revolutionize the U.K.’s economy and restore its place on the global stage, but she also controlled the entire British music

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The Republican Party Edition™ BEGIN HERE Republican-party front-runner Donald J. Trump pads into the “thinking room” in his elegant, palatial Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago. As he sits on his gilded and intricately ...
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WHO IS THE STRANGER WHO OVERTAKES ME Who is the stranger who overtakes me On a dark street and taps me on the shoulder? I turn and there is nobody there but me, And ...
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Why Banks Hate Bucks In his piece “The Abolition of Cash” (April 11), Andrew Stuttaford left out the “drag” on the economy imposed by the “cut” that the banks and processing ...
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‐ Lindsey Graham has proven he’s willing to do just about anything to stop serving in the Senate alongside Ted Cruz. ‐ Could Paul Ryan emerge from the Republican convention with ...