Magazine April 25, 2016, Issue

The Bandit State

‘The new world order is this. . . . Give me your sh**, or I will kill you.”

That, in a nutshell, is the political economy of Negan. Who’s Negan? He’s the latest villain in the TV series The Walking Dead. Wait, don’t turn back to James Lileks’s column just yet. Bear with me, because Negan is offering what the late economist Mancur Olson called “the first blessings of the invisible hand.”

Most of us remember reading something about the “social contract.” When Crito begged Socrates to escape rather than accept a death sentence, Socrates refused. He drank the hemlock to hold

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Why Banks Hate Bucks In his piece “The Abolition of Cash” (April 11), Andrew Stuttaford left out the “drag” on the economy imposed by the “cut” that the banks and processing ...
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‐ Lindsey Graham has proven he’s willing to do just about anything to stop serving in the Senate alongside Ted Cruz. ‐ Could Paul Ryan emerge from the Republican convention with ...
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Choose Your Adventure!

The Republican Party Edition™ BEGIN HERE Republican-party front-runner Donald J. Trump pads into the “thinking room” in his elegant, palatial Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago. As he sits on his gilded and intricately ...
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WHO IS THE STRANGER WHO OVERTAKES ME Who is the stranger who overtakes me On a dark street and taps me on the shoulder? I turn and there is nobody there but me, And ...


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