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From the Archives of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Library

It’s really wonderful to be here with you all today. And I must say, the view from here is extraordinary. It’s always a treat to catch up with my old friend Lloyd Blankfein, and you, Michelle, and the whole terrific team here at Goldman Sachs, who I know are working hard to increase shareholder value in many wonderful ways. Thanks, sincerely, for having me.

My remarks today will be about the regulatory work we’re doing in Washington, particularly as it impacts the work that you all do — work, may I say, that is very important and I’m not one, as

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The attempt to better understand the complex and elusive connections between the personal and the political realms in our psyche is a worthwhile endeavor.


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ONE FLOWER One flower stands for beauty, two for hope. More buds begin their version of cross-talk With tangled leaf and strong, supporting stalk. Subject to breeze, they sway but somehow cope. Shadows of butterflies, ...
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The VOA’s Unfulfilled Promise As a former Voice of America manager responsible for launching the VOA Ukrainian TV program hosted by Myroslava Gongadze, I applaud Jay Nordlinger for his article on ...
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‐ Is there anything insulting we can say about New York? ‐ The New York Post, for decades a conservative opinion leader with a brash, Gotham accent, endorsed Donald Trump for ...


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