Magazine May 9, 2016, Issue

Supersize My Government, Please

The bag of coffee was on sale, so I thought I’d try a new brand. It was McCafé, a product of the McDonald’s Corporation, still believing that “Mc” is an attractive prefix and not a slangy shorthand for something quick and cheap. No one would say, “I need my head opened up. Hope I can find a McNeurosurgeon.” But as I said, it was on sale, and I am constitutionally unable to spend $14.99 for eight ounces of shade-grown, fair-trade, sustainable organic beans that were spat into by the hipster who ground them, because you shouldn’t buy your coffee pre-ground.

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The attempt to better understand the complex and elusive connections between the personal and the political realms in our psyche is a worthwhile endeavor.


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ONE FLOWER One flower stands for beauty, two for hope. More buds begin their version of cross-talk With tangled leaf and strong, supporting stalk. Subject to breeze, they sway but somehow cope. Shadows of butterflies, ...
Politics & Policy


The VOA’s Unfulfilled Promise As a former Voice of America manager responsible for launching the VOA Ukrainian TV program hosted by Myroslava Gongadze, I applaud Jay Nordlinger for his article on ...
Politics & Policy

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‐ Is there anything insulting we can say about New York? ‐ The New York Post, for decades a conservative opinion leader with a brash, Gotham accent, endorsed Donald Trump for ...


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