Magazine May 23, 2016, Issue

‘At This Point Who Cares?’

The tweets of Trump enthusiasts have three styles. There are the dark, muttered threats to settle scores when it’s all done, as if inauguration will blend into a festival of retribution, a Benghazi on K Street. Some sunny acolytes bray about the manifest brilliance of their guy, untroubled by his actual utterance. Sometimes Doubters of Donald will get an all caps exhortation to find a seat on the #TrumpTrain. Is that like Amtrak? Government subsidized, with eminent domain used to raze an old lady’s house for a new station? The mood darkens: On it or under it, pal.

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The Apartment of Labor Scott Lincicome’s comprehensive and illuminating article “The Truth about Trade” (April 11) describes several government policies that have acted to exacerbate current labor-market inefficiencies. One could speculate ...
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‐ As Abraham Lincoln said, “You’re fired.” ‐ Protesters, many of them riotous, dogged Donald Trump in southern California. In Costa Mesa, they blocked an interstate, threw debris at passing cars, ...
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THE SS NORMANDIE Confiscated from Vichy France, she sat In the Hudson for months until the fire. The smoke was so thick over midtown, rumors Spread the Japanese had attacked New York. The old transatlantic ...


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