Magazine May 23, 2016, Issue

Robert’s Rules of Order

Special Republican Convention Edition

Welcome, delegates! We’re pleased to see you and hope you’re all settled into your hotels here in Cleveland! By now you’ve received your official delegate packet, which includes a welcome note from the mayor of Cleveland and photographs of your children and maps of their daily routines from the Trump campaign.

We’re in for an exciting week! (Or two, or three. Please see below, “Motion to Suspend Indefinitely.”)

Before we get started, however, we’d like to refresh your memory about some of the key provisions in Robert’s Rules of Order, which as you may or may not know are

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The Apartment of Labor Scott Lincicome’s comprehensive and illuminating article “The Truth about Trade” (April 11) describes several government policies that have acted to exacerbate current labor-market inefficiencies. One could speculate ...
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The Week

‐ As Abraham Lincoln said, “You’re fired.” ‐ Protesters, many of them riotous, dogged Donald Trump in southern California. In Costa Mesa, they blocked an interstate, threw debris at passing cars, ...
Politics & Policy


THE SS NORMANDIE Confiscated from Vichy France, she sat In the Hudson for months until the fire. The smoke was so thick over midtown, rumors Spread the Japanese had attacked New York. The old transatlantic ...


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