Magazine June 13, 2016, Issue

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

One of the most dependable ways to ensure the Glorious Future for the People is to render the past indefensible. Today’s lesson from the bright-eyed scribes at the website Buzzfeed: “Gender Segregated Bathrooms Have a Long Ugly History.”

You might have thought that there were different bathrooms because men and women were different. Oh no. It’s part of the relentless imposition of Gendered Spaces on a sullen population by the dark forces of history — possibly on the orders of J. P. Morgan, American Standard, and the Porcelain Trust. Now that we know that gender is utterly subjective and that men

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INERTIA High glinting leaves, glazed by the post-storm light, are hushing dusk in reassuring waves. Our lichen-clad old maple lost three limbs to rain that felt like reprimands of God. Scraggly, and cut unevenly for years to spare town wires, it angles ...


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