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I haven’t settled on whom I’ll vote for in November, though I admit I’m leaning toward writing in the immortal world-destroying mutant Apocalypse from the latest X-Men movie (“In your heart, you know he’s right”). But I thought as a service to the readers I’d weigh the pros and cons of the more mainstream choices.

#MaybeTrump? I was unpleasantly unsurprised by how many people I respect seemed to have burned their #NeverTrump cards after Indiana, even as others burned their GOP voter registrations. There’s an element of party tribalism to the former cohort that I don’t get at all. Rote support

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Free Men and 401(k)s There are three ways to get a man to do something. You can coerce him, you can fool him, or you can talk him into it. The ...
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‐ Perhaps there’s some sort of battle of the sexes playing out in the Sanders household: She bankrupted one college, and now he proposes bankrupting them all. ‐ Following his victory ...
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INERTIA High glinting leaves, glazed by the post-storm light, are hushing dusk in reassuring waves. Our lichen-clad old maple lost three limbs to rain that felt like reprimands of God. Scraggly, and cut unevenly for years to spare town wires, it angles ...


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