Magazine June 13, 2016, Issue

Black and White and Read: All Over

(Steve Lewis Stock)

I have always disliked our nation’s capital. Among its myriad deficiencies, exemplifying the stage-set quality of life that is lived there, is the absence of newsstands. I remember, one of the very first times I visited as an adult, thinking that I wanted to pick up a paper, and all I could find were rows of mean metal sidewalk boxes, with self-serve slots for quarters. Half the time, it seemed, the box you opened was empty and you lost your quarter. They were separate, small, and ugly. Altogether, the effect was sterile. They made the sidewalk they decorated blank, like

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Free Men and 401(k)s There are three ways to get a man to do something. You can coerce him, you can fool him, or you can talk him into it. The ...
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‐ Perhaps there’s some sort of battle of the sexes playing out in the Sanders household: She bankrupted one college, and now he proposes bankrupting them all. ‐ Following his victory ...
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INERTIA High glinting leaves, glazed by the post-storm light, are hushing dusk in reassuring waves. Our lichen-clad old maple lost three limbs to rain that felt like reprimands of God. Scraggly, and cut unevenly for years to spare town wires, it angles ...


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