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*Tuesday in Marriott lobby, made eye contact (m4f)

Hey! Saw you in the lobby at the Marriott, couldn’t tell from your ID tags what state you’re from or if you’re “at liberty to vote your conscience.” Thought maybe there was a spark between us and would love to find out! Reply here with a description of what you were wearing and what it said on my T-shirt. Would love to buy you a drink/dinner and talk about second-ballot options and Speaker Ryan.

*#NeverTrumper in elevator at Quicken Loans venue

We stood next to each other in the elevator and I thought maybe there

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‐ If the FBI had been serious about finding Hillary’s missing e-mails, it would have subpoenaed Putin. ‐ FBI director James Comey’s recommendations concerning Hillary Clinton’s illegal servers (there was more ...
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MAKE BELIEVE When she was playing in the yard she talked to someone she imagined by her side: a soldier or a prince, perhaps, who walked along with her when she was playing bride. I ...
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Free Speech at Yale Regarding the article “‘This Is Not a Debate’: Yale’s Fight for Free Speech,” (July 11), let me be perfectly clear: Yale University is committed to the free ...


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