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Roots of a Nation

Hamilton versus Jefferson in the Washington Administration: Completing the Founding or Betraying the Founding?, by Carson Holloway (Cambridge, 360 pp., $34.99)

In American politics, there has been nothing like a good debate to elucidate principles and sharpen differences. For proof, one need look no further than the great debates between Webster and Hayne, or Lincoln and Douglas. While not as formally structured as those clashes, the titanic struggle — through a series of documents, across an array of issues, and over a wider span of time — between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson was just as dramatic and just as consequential for the course of American history.

With a keen eye for the best talent, new president George Washington in 1789 tapped

Matthew Spalding is the associate vice president and dean of educational programs for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C., where he is the Allan P. Kirby Jr. Chair in Constitutional Studies.

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