Magazine August 1, 2016, Issue

Down and Up in Paris and London

It was a few minutes to midnight, and we were finishing our pints outside the Smuggler’s Inn when a gaunt bald man appeared and asked if we had any fire to lend. A light? he said. A match? He was not from here, he said in apology; his English, not so good. He was from Russia. He was from Samarra.

My blood ran cold: Do we have an appointment?

That’s the old legend, of course. The man sees Death in the marketplace and knows he is marked; he flees to Samarra. As Death later remarks to someone, he was surprised to see

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Free Speech at Yale Regarding the article “‘This Is Not a Debate’: Yale’s Fight for Free Speech,” (July 11), let me be perfectly clear: Yale University is committed to the free ...
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‐ If the FBI had been serious about finding Hillary’s missing e-mails, it would have subpoenaed Putin. ‐ FBI director James Comey’s recommendations concerning Hillary Clinton’s illegal servers (there was more ...
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MAKE BELIEVE When she was playing in the yard she talked to someone she imagined by her side: a soldier or a prince, perhaps, who walked along with her when she was playing bride. I ...


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