Magazine September 12, 2016, Issue

Cry Not for Gawker

Gawker is dead. And we’re all supposed to have gone to pieces over it.

Well it isn’t, and I haven’t

Gawker isn’t dead just because the switch was thrown on the content pump while the $140 million judgment against it wends its way through appellate courts. We live in a young century that is already on its third Spider-Man reboot. I somehow doubt so famous a property—much less such an infamous one—will long lay in repose. The brand of Internet Awful it invented is waxing, not waning, and the unmoored Millennial miserables it caters to are only tightening their grip on the

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The Patriot Guard Riders I very much enjoyed Kevin D. Williamson’s article “Thoughts and Prayers in Baton Rouge” (August 15), as I have enjoyed most of his work in National Review. ...


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