Magazine September 12, 2016, Issue

Birth of the Cool

Fifty years ago this summer, a folk-revival group–turned–rock band had a hit that colonized the airwaves. All aroun’, people lookin’ half dead, walkin’ on the sidewalk hotter than a match head. Still true, gentlemen.

Meteorology and media work together to make the days seem even more inhospitable; the thermometer says x, but the geek, adding factors y and z, says the temperature really feels like x plus 10. X plus 10 screams the weather app and, for oldsters, the front page of the next day’s tabloid. But x is plenty bad. The first Europeans to settle on these shores could not …

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The Patriot Guard Riders I very much enjoyed Kevin D. Williamson’s article “Thoughts and Prayers in Baton Rouge” (August 15), as I have enjoyed most of his work in National Review. ...
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‐ So far the candidates have stuck with what they do best: Hillary lying and Trump firing people. ‐ It is clear why Hillary Clinton did not want to give up ...
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ELEGY TO AN ORANGE IN PHOENIX, OR A MODERN WOMAN Fooled, briefly, by its own blossom Into believing it belongs in the barren World it was brought to and has sought to Make its ...


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