Magazine September 26, 2016, Issue

The Libertarian Social Engineer

(Roman Genn)
Gary Johnson is a flawed candidate, but the Right should woo his supporters

The Libertarian party is having a big year. Its presidential ticket is composed of two former Republican governors with reasonably good records and a great deal more relevant executive experience between the two of them than the Democratic and Republican nominees combined. “For once,” the Libertarians joke, “we aren’t the crazy ones.”

In a three-way race against Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, broke the 10 percent mark in two August polls — far ahead of where he was last time around, far ahead of where Ralph Nader was in 2000 and

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The Wage-Floor Roof of the Working-Class Ghetto Helen Andrews’ review of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir, by J. D. Vance, in the August 15 issue summarizes Vance’s effort to explain the factors ...
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‐ Whoever used that hammer on Hillary’s phones should loan it to Huma Abedin. ‐ Acting as if it were an arm of the Clinton campaign, the FBI dumped the contents ...
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A MEMORY OF FRANKLIN STREET Heaven surrounded us, all sweetness then, Bright sky and earth, so calm and more than fair; Warm and expansive, welcoming, so when We passed a building it seemed more ...


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