Magazine October 10, 2016, Issue

Rob Portman’s Perfect Campaign

(Roman Genn)
The Ohio senator has surged by hyper-localizing his reelection bid

Columbus, Ohio — Ohio Stadium, or “The Shoe,” is a sea of scarlet, gray, and white as fans stream in to see the Buckeyes face off against the University of Tulsa. Football here is a quasi-religious experience. But today, another set of fans is present. The school’s baseball team, drinking beer and lounging under a tent outside the stadium when a 60-year-old man materializes in its midst, starts cheering and chanting, “Rob! Rob! Rob!” — and then, moments later, “Port-man! Port-man! Port-man!”

The unlikely subject of this fandom is Rob Portman, Ohio’s junior senator. He prefers kayaking and mountain biking, but …

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